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Located in the state of São Paulo, just a few kilometers from the capital, the city offers rural tourism experiences and trips for those interested in weekend travel or spending a long holiday.

Located just 110 km from the city of São Paulo, Indaiatuba, in the state's heartland, has become an excellent tourism option for a weekend trip or a long holiday. The destination is drawing more and more visitors, especially families, who are looking for the tourism and activities the city and region have to offer.

Also known as the Sun City, Indaiatuba has one remarkable characteristic: its flat terrain is great for bike rides along its streets and avenues, in addition to serving as a starting point for other bike tourism activities throughout the region. It is also listed among the biggest producers of organic table grapes, guavas, and acerola cherries, which is why it is on the Fruit Circuit, a group of ten cities promoting rural tourism to take advantage of the potential of the fruit production historically found in the region.

For residents of the city of São Paulo, the Circuit is a great option to learn about day-to-day field activities, with wine tastings or even by picking fruit right from the vine, during a weekend trip or on your next long holiday.

In addition to fruit-related events and festivals, Indaiatuba also offers a variety of experiences and tourism activities for adults and kids. Among the main attractions are the Water Museum, the Ecological Park, Mirim Park, and the Railway Museum, which is located in an old station and has a collection of over 400 objects, including a locomotive made in 1874.